Do you want to help your
child to recognize emotions
and improve their
social skills?

Use the controls above to learn about My Friend Quest.
Or watch the preview ›

Use the controls above to learn about My Friend Quest.
Or watch the case study ›

These screenshots show you how to play MyfriendQuest

On the easy level, you meet new friends and work out their emotions

On the difficult level, cognitive behavioral therapy is introduced to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors

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Quick Guide

  1. Play ‘easy level’ with caregiver
    • Go through in-game instructions with child
    • Play with characters
    • Recognize an expression together
    • Mimic the different expressions
  2. Play ‘easy level’ independently
  3. Play ‘difficult level‘ with caregiver
    • Play as you would the easy level
    • Child completes multi-choice text box
    • Option to download computer diary, ask them to record how they felt, and what they did
    • Encourage child to talk about his feelings and reactions
  4. Play ‘difficult level’ independently

  Download our full user guide here

My Friend Quest helps your child become more social and promotes healthy interactions with others.

“I endorse MyFriendQuest as a practical and effective strategy…”

Dr Tony Attwood

World renowned expert on Asperger’s syndrome.

My Friend Quest works with a number of conditions such as Asperger’s Syndrome, shyness, social phobia, and with any child who has difficulty socially integrating or managing their emotions. It is fun so children are self motivated to play.